The call for scores

General Information

UPDATE 28th April 2019
The 12 compositions that won DYCE Call for Scores have been performed on 28th April in Tallinn, Oslo, Milan and Seville. After the concerts, the audiences and the musicians of the four ensembles have voted to choose four composers, one from each DYCE European region.
We are happy to announce here the names of the four selected composers!


UPDATE 14th May 2020

Due to the Covid19 emergency, the DYCE concerts, the final convention and the release of the CD won’t take place in spring 2020, as planned.

We are pleased to announce the new DYCE calendar for autumn 2020.

From 30th November to 13th December 2020 the four composers João Ceitil, Andreas Tsiartas, Juhani Vesikkala and Yiqing Zhu will make a journey through the four European cities of DYCE partners for the rehearsals, concerts and recording of their new pieces, commissioned by the DYCE network:

João Ceitil, SarabaNde, for Violin, Cello, Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Piano and Percussion
Andreas Tsiartas, Ìérkos, for ensemble  
J-T Vesikkala Wittmacher, into these worldless houses             
Yiqing Zhu, Partita, for sextet

Calendar of the public events:
30th November 2020                concert of the ensemble Taller Sonoro in Seville, world premiere of the four pieces
4th December 2020                  concert of the ensemble Cikada in Oslo
8th December 2020                  concert of the ensemble U: in Tallinn
12th December 2020                concert of the Divertimento Ensemble in Milan
13th December 2020                DYCE final convention

We look forward to meeting you in the concert halls of the 4 cities!



Addressed to composition students and alumni from all European academies
Application deadline: 15th January 2019

The Call for Scores is open to students and alumni from all European Universities, Academies, Conservatories, Musikhochschulen and Music Schools that issue an academic qualification.

The students must be enrolled in one of the European institutions for Composition or Electroacoustic Composition. The Alumni must have graduated in the last two years, i.e. not before 15th October 2016.

Applicants will have to prove their enrolment or degree through a document issued by the institution.

Online application



1. Composition students and alumni of all nationalities, from all European Universities, Academies, Conservatories, Musikhochschulen and Music Schools that issue an academic qualification are eligible to participate in the selection by submitting one score for an ensemble of four to six musicians from among the following instruments: flute (also piccolo, flute in G and bass flute), clarinet (also clarinet in E flat, clarinet in A and bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, percussion (list of available percussions at the bottom of the page). Maximum duration of the compositions: 20 minutes.

Electronics (not live electronics) is permitted.

Applicants must be enrolled in a Composition or Electroacoustic Composition course of a European public or private Institution, or must have graduated not before 15 October 2016. A document issued (or translated) in English by the educational institution, proving their current enrolment in the school, or the date of their degree (for the Alumni), is required.

Students and alumni from institutions of some non-EU countries - included in the Creative Europe program - may also apply.

2. Applicants must complete their application by following the procedure on DYCE website no later than 15th January 2019 .

They will be asked to upload the following documents:

– application form

– the score in pdf

– a copy of an identity document

– a curriculum vitae

– a document issued by the educational institution, proving their current or past enrolment (and the date of the degree) in the school as student in composition or electroacoustic composition.

For any question regarding the accepted courses, please write to .

3. Original scores as well as scores that have already been published and/or performed are both eligible for submission. They should not be anonymous. A recording of the performance, if one was made, may also be attached.

4. An international jury of seven composers (Hanspeter Kyburz, Brigitta Muntendorf, Johannes Schöllhorn, Christian Eggen, Sandro Gorli, Tarmo Johannes, Ignacio Torner) will select 12 scores by 15th February 2019, 3 from each of the 4 European Areas created by theDYCE project. The selected composers will be informed personally by email, and the selection will also be announced on DYCE’s website by 16th February 2019. The 12 winning composers must send the parts for the performance by 28th February 2019.

5. On 28th April 2019, the twelve chosen scores will be performed in four concerts by the four DYCE ensembles, and each ensemble will execute the three pieces belonging to its area. The four concerts will take place on the same day, at different times in the four cities of the ensembles, with an audio/video streaming broadcast from each concert hall to the other three. In this way, during this day the audiences will listen to all 12 pieces: 3 live and 9 in streaming. Special attention will be given to the quality of the streaming, in order to guarantee a perfect and pleasant listening experience to the audiences.

After the concerts, the audience in the four cities and the musicians + conductors of the four ensembles will vote and select the 4 best compositions. The four chosen scores will each belong to a different European Area, so that the 4 areas are equally represented.
This event will mark the completion of the Audience Development program.

6. The four selected composers will be commissioned to compose one new 12-15 minutes piece each, for the same instruments of the Call for Scores (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion). Electronics (not live electronics) is permitted. Each composer will receive an amount of € 5000 gross for the commission. The amount will be paid by Divertimento Ensemble, according to the Italian laws.
The scores and the parts of the new pieces will have to be uploaded on the DYCE website by the 15th of January 2020.

7. The four commissioned pieces will be performed by the four ensembles in their towns, on different dates in April 2020. The four composers will be invited to Milan, Oslo, Seville and Tallinn and will attend the rehearsals and the concerts, working closely with the ensembles and the conductors.

8. The composers’ expenses for travel, board and accommodation in Milan, Oslo, Seville and Tallinn will be charged to DYCE.

9. A final convention in Milan, in June 2020, will publicize the DYCE project. It will focus on many aspects of New Music in Europe and will present the CD with the four commissioned compositions. The four commissioned composers must participate in the convention and describe their DYCE experience to participants.

10. Each applicant, by submitting his/her application to participate in the DYCE composition competition, agrees unconditionally to be bound by these rules.

For further information:



List of available percussions:
Marimba (4.3 octaves - A2 to C7)
Big bass drum
Snare drum
Bass drum
Thai gong

For further percussions please write to


Non-EU countries

Non-EU countries included in the Creative Europe program:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
United Kingdom

Students and Alumni of academic institutions from the listed countries may apply for DYCE composition competition.